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I- Us and our commitment:

SOLPRÉ, is a company incorporated as a public limited company, hereinafter referred to as SOLPRÉ, engaged in the weaving of cotton-type yarn, the manufacture of ready-made textile articles, except clothing, and printing.
Taking into account the proportionality and adequacy imposed by the ability to allocate the resources and technical means at its disposal, SOLPRÉ is deeply and genuinely committed and committed to providing protection to its clients and employees, whether regular or occasional, as well as users of our various media and platforms, physical or digital, namely paper files, digital files and website in use or to be implemented, with regard to their privacy and the processing and circulation of their personal data.

II- Our personal data collection devices and media in use:

We have, edit and manage the following media for the processing of personal data
– Computer system composed of a set of software solutions supported by a set of hardware devices and other similar solutions, including email services and other external digital repositories and communication solutions.
– Paper files stored in cabinets and shelves in restricted access rooms;
• Website of SOLPRÉ –

III- Personal and material scope of this Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy binds the company exclusively in relation to the personal data it collects, processes and circulates.
The same or similar policy will also be assumed, through contracts concluded with SOLPRÉ, by entities which process the same personal data on SOLPRÉ’s behalf.
The provision through the aforementioned SOLPRÉ website of other links to other websites not belonging to SOLPRÉ is made in good faith and in the interest of the user and SOLPRÉ cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for the collection, processing and destination of data on those websites, nor for the reliability, accuracy, legality and functionalities available thereon and this privacy policy shall not therefore apply to them.
SOLPRÉ considers it obligatory and shall assume for all purposes, without the possibility of proof to the contrary, that it will read the privacy policies of all websites it accesses.

IV- The rationale and publicity of this Privacy Policy:

In addition to implementing it in its organisational processes, SOLPRÉ has drawn up the present Privacy Policy with the aim of making available, making known and publicising an explanatory instrument of the general rules on privacy and the processing of the personal data it collects, always in strict compliance with the relevant Legislation.
To that end, the text of this privacy policy will be available in paper form in a visible place and in digital form on the website
The provisions of this Privacy Policy shall complement the provisions on the same subject in the contracts, formal or informal, that the parties concerned enter into with SOLPRÉ.
Solicitamos-lhe que leia por favor esta Política de Privacidade com atenção, pois, o disponibilizar os seus dados pessoais, seja pessoalmente, seja aquando do acesso ao referido Website, implica que conhece e aceita as condições aqui constantes e o tratamento deles para os fins lícitos e legítimos previstos por Lei.
SOLPRÉ expressly reserves the right to alter the present privacy policy at any time, the result of which shall be duly publicised by the same means.

V- Concept of personal data:

Personal data shall mean any information or record, of any nature and regardless of the support or format, namely sound, image, writing, chirography or characteristic, concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.
An identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to one or more specific personal data, alone or in combination, including his or her physical, physiological, mental, economic, ethnic, cultural, geographical or social identity or location.

VI- The entity responsible for processing the personal data:

The entity responsible for collecting and processing personal data is SOLPRÉ, which, in the context of the relations it maintains with the holder of the personal data, establishes, always on a lawful and legitimate basis, the data collected, the means of processing and the purposes of such collection and processing.

VII- Types of personal data collected and processed:

As part of its activity SOLPRÉ collects and processes, in particular:

  1. Personal data necessary to supply products to its customers, processing data such as name, tax identification number, address, telephone number and e-mail address, among others that are strictly necessary, proportional and lawful.
  2. Personal data necessary for the execution of the employment contract or services provided to its employees, processing data such as name, identification document number and other data, tax identification number, household composition, social security number, telephone and e-mail address, health, access and location data, among others that are strictly necessary, proportional and lawful.
  3. Personal data necessary for the fulfilment of legal obligations, whether to public or private entities, dealing with data such as name, identification document number and other data, tax identification number, composition of household, social security number, address(es) telephone numbers and email address, health data, among others that are strictly necessary, proportional and lawful.
  4. Data necessary for managing clients and suppliers, contracting and managing contractual relations with clients and suppliers, sending suggestions, information and marketing activities, publicising campaigns, promotions, advertising and news about products, managing complaints, dealing with telephone and e-mail addresses, among others that are strictly necessary, proportional and lawful.
  5. All personal data required for the exercise of SOLPRÉ’s rights within the relationships referred to in the previous items, and in the pursuit of its activity and legitimate interest, including accounting, tax and administrative management, litigation management, judicial evidence, fraud detection, revenue protection and auditing, network and systems management, information security control and physical security, and security of premises.
    Notwithstanding compliance with legal regulations or legitimate orders from the competent authority regarding the storage and transmission of data, SOLPRÉ shall only process personal data necessary for its activity to the fair and strict extent required by the nature of the contractual relationship or any other relationship established with the holder of such data, or the latter’s prior, legitimate, lawful, informed consent, if any.

VIII- When and how personal data is collected:

SOLPRÉ collects personal data in person, in writing, by telephone or through its websites.
As a general rule, personal data is collected when a contractual or other relationship or collaboration necessary for the pursuit of SOLPRÉ’s activity is initiated between SOLPRÉ and the data subject.

Our website may collect contact forms. These are sent directly to our email server through an encrypted connection and are only available to those responsible for handling them. Whenever necessary, the information will be made available for evaluation by a person responsible for each specific department.
Some personal data is compulsory and necessary for the start and normal and legal development of the said relationship or collaboration, so that in the absence or insufficiency of such data, this will not begin or continue, in which case SOLPRÉ will inform the holder of the data of this compulsory and necessary nature.

Apart from those of this nature, those appearing on any public list and those which may be used in SOLPRÉ’s legitimate interest, your data will only be collected and processed if and for the purposes to which you have previously consented in a free, informed, specific and unequivocal manner, by means of a written or oral declaration or by validating an option, namely for the subscription of newsletters or marketing communications, in which case the other rules of this privacy policy shall apply.
If you wish to stop receiving these communications, you may express your opposition at any time.

The data collected shall be processed on paper or digitally in strict compliance with the legislation governing the protection of personal data and shall be stored and contained in paper files and/or a specific database, created and managed for the purpose and of restricted and exclusive access to SOLPRÉ employees who must necessarily process them in the pursuit of its activity. Under no circumstances shall the data collected be used for purposes other than those for which consent was given by the data subject, if this is necessary, or for the lawful and legitimate purpose for which the data was collected.

IX- Purposes of the collection and processing of personal data:

In general, the personal data collected is aimed at managing clients, suppliers and employees, contracting and managing the contractual relationship with clients, suppliers and employees, receiving and providing the contracted supplies, adapting the supply to the needs and interests of the client, sending suggestions, information and marketing activities, publicising campaigns, promotions, advertising and news about products, carrying out market research and satisfaction surveys, complaints management, accounting, tax and administrative management, litigation management, legal evidence, fraud detection, revenue protection and auditing, network and systems management, information security and physical security control, security of premises, compliance with legal obligations and for other purposes for which SOLPRÉ is recognised by law as having a legitimate interest.
When collecting the data, or when you request it, you will be informed in more detail about how we will process your data.

X- Time limits for storing your personal data:

Where there is a specific legal requirement to retain data for a minimum period of time, this will be observed by SOLPRÉ.
SOLPRÉ will keep your personal data stored for the minimum period of time strictly necessary for the purpose for which the information is collected and processed, after which it will delete it.

XI- Right of access, rectification, opposition, erasure, limitation and portability of your personal data:

SOLPRÉ guarantees the holder of personal data the right to access, rectification, opposition, erasure, limitation and portability of their personal data.
You can exercise the above rights by contacting SOLPRÉ directly at our head office located at Rua Nicolau Coelho nº 3547,
4610-741 Sendim – Felgueiras, Portugal.

If you consider it relevant, you can lodge a complaint with the Portuguese Data Protection Commission – Av. D. Carlos I, 134 – 1.º 1200-651 Lisboa – Tel: +351 213928400 – Fax: +351 213976832 – e-mail:

XII- Measures we adopt with a view to the security of your personal data:

SOLPRÉ observes best practices, for which purpose it adopts the technical and organisational measures appropriate to the risk, in the field of security and protection of personal data, and to this end has approved and implemented a demanding plan of compliance with the objectives, the Law and the interests of the holders of personal data, capable of ensuring the protection of the data made available to us by all those who have any kind of relationship with us, in order to protect them against diffusion, loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised processing or access, as well as any other form of unlawful processing.

Therefore, digital or paper personal data collection form(s), whether completed at SOLPRÉ’s physical premises or on the website, (the latter requiring encrypted browser sessions) are stored securely in our physical repositories and digital systems.

All the personal data you give us about you is held in SOLPRÉ’s own digital repository, or that of a subcontractor, under the cover of all the advanced physical and logistical security measures which we believe are essential for the protection of your personal data.

Whenever SOLPRÉ, in the legitimate and lawful pursuit of its business objectives, adopts measures to monitor its employees, particularly with regard to access control, working hours, tasks and productivity, movement and transport, not only will those concerned have prior knowledge of the respective implementation – where legally necessary and lawful, their consent will be requested – but the tools used for the purpose will ensure the same level of security of personal data collected and processed by them.

XIII- Communication of data to other entities, subcontractors or third parties:

SOLPRÉ may use subcontractors for the purposes of collecting and processing data for the same purposes as those intended, obtaining from them, by contract, a guarantee of reputation and the obligation to develop the technical and organisational measures required to protect the data and ensure the defence of the rights of the data subjects. In certain circumstances determined by Law, certain personal data may need to be communicated to public authorities such as tax authorities, courts and security forces.

Any such subcontractors will therefore process our customers’ personal data in the name and on behalf of SOLPRÉ under an obligation to adopt technical and organisational measures appropriate to the risk in order to protect personal data against destruction, accidental or unlawful, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access and against any other form of unlawful processing.

XIV- Transfer of personal data:

The pursuit of SOLPRÉ’s activity may involve the transfer of your data outside Portugal.
In this event SOLPRÉ will strictly comply with the applicable legal provisions, namely as regards determining the reliability and suitability of the destination country with regard to the protection of personal data and the requirements applicable to such transfers.