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How it all started

This story of passion for soles began to be written in the late 70s, more precisely in 1978, when José Manuel Pimenta had the first contact with the footwear components sector.

Inspired by the dynamism of the Felgueiras region – internationally recognized for being one of the largest industrial centers in the footwear area – José specialized in the area of footwear components, officially creating SOLPRÉ in 1988. The goal of founding the company was to anchor his previously acquired know-how with a competitive specialization logic that would capture the interest of the largest international brands. Then, with the support of 50 employees, SOLPRÉ was walking its path with watchwords that are still used today: quality, innovation, agility, efficiency, exclusivity and customization.


The year everything changed

SOLPRÉ distinguishes itself from other players in the prefabricated sole market by verticalising its chain. It was in 1997 that the entire development process became in-house, incorporating mould development as another activity in the value chain. The entire process is carried out in-house, which allows for greater efficiency in the control of all the integral stages.

Efficiency and quality in the prototyping and production process, providing total exclusivity to the client, is the company’s main differentiating factor.

Innovation & Generational Legacy

In addition to innovation and investment in cutting-edge technological resources, the excellence of SOLPRÉ’s products is also the result of a strong human component. The employees, currently over 100, are specialists in the sector, and bring with them a legacy of footwear tradition, passed down from generation to generation. This crossing of experiences is also present in the management of the family-owned company, in which director José Manuel Pimenta works alongside Alexandre Pimenta, his son and SOLPRÉ’s Commercial Director.


Looking towards the future

As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of prefabricated soles in Leather, Neolite, Crepe, Micro, EVA, SOLPRÉ also produces all kinds of injected soles in TPU, TPR, and TR. All our products include solutions for men, women and children.

With a strong international presence and more than 500 customers from Europe to the United States, SOLPRÉ currently works with some of the world’s biggest premium shoe brands.