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We intend, since our genesis, to boost the footwear components market and, therefore, we work daily to expand even more the excellence and exclusivity of the products we supply to our customers. By working with us, brands know that we are able to provide a complete service, from mold design to product shipment. Thus, and always with a passion for soles, we provide a 360 service, with an internal capacity that is characterized by its verticality, efficiency and speed.

Production capacity

With daily production of over 5000 soles, SOLPRÉ has a production capacity of around 7000m2, using the latest machinery and with constant improvements in the production chain.

Given our vertical nature, we can develop all kinds of molds internally, which is reflected in the agility and quality of the creation of new prototypes.

Quality control

Since excellence is our main concern, nothing is left to chance, because it is the small details that make all the difference in the final product. In this sense, we have a Quality Department, so we can test all our products before they are sent to the customer, to ensure that we meet all the required standards.

Logistics and organization

Efficient logistics and strategic organization are two key points to ensure a fast workflow and quality production. SOLPRÉ has professionals of excellence to manage these positions and areas destined for this purpose, so that it is possible to ensure a system endowed with flexibility and a capacity to adapt to any market change. These practices allow us to provide our customers with a high-quality product and on time, with an exceptional service.

Laboratory and Quality

Our products are tested at the industrialisation stage to verify compliance with European standards. We guarantee the delivery in congruence with the required standards and for this we have a quality department that certifies the viability of the final article, so as not to condition any future stage of the process.